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It has been a whirlwind three days. Sunday was work with Seinfeld. The great thing about having TV show DVDs is that I can watch TV at work without them saying anything, because they're played on the computer! Beating the system never felt so good. Hung out with Em at my house in the evening. Watched Ocean's 11 and compared to Ocean's 12.

On Monday I was determined to do some schoolwork. Very, very determined. No. I had stayed up until 2 in the morning uploading music on the iPod. Spent the rest of the morning uploading more and finally finished it up. 2262 songs! Take THAT! Went and had a nice lunch with Kat. She gave me silk Giants boxer shorts and a Winter Pops DVD. I'm the only person in the introduction! Whoohoo! We shopped around a bit, feeling very Christmasy. I bought the Nirvana Box Set, With The Lights Out, a wool car coat, scarf, hat, and gloves from the Gap. Very awesome. In the evening I went over to Em's. We played Disney Trivial Pursuit (during which one really finds out one does not know Disney movies), worked a bit on this 3D puzzle of NYC, and watched Legally Blonde. Such a great movie.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I went shopping downtown with Em, Sean, Ryan, and Daniele--although Em and I managed to slip away, haha. We went all around Union Square and SF Shopping Centre. I bought two shirts at AE (one says "Nice Headlights" with a deer on it and the other is "Oregon Hot Tub Club"--Em got a white skirt), a dress shirt at the Gap, 3 DVDs (Garden State [DUH], High Fidelity, Catch Me If You Can--Em bought Hello, Dolly!), Diesel boots from UO, and some new Levis. Surprisingly NOTHING from A&F, but Em took care of that for me and bought a top. I finally joined the "Live Strong" club. I'm entitled. My grandfather died from cancer and my uncle probably will, too. So I'll buy whatever the fuck I want. :-D Had lunch at Lori's Diner and tricked Ryan into feeling the steaming ketchup. MUAHA. Went to Sean and Ryan's for dinner and Garden State. Played some Pedro and good times were had by all.

Today I should do some work. Tonight is Aunt Mary's dessert party. Things should be interesting.
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