inject_fuel (inject_fuel) wrote,

Unreleased Work

These are a bunch of unpublished poems, really the last I wrote, about events many months prior to the present. I realized as I was going through old files, that these were never posted anywhere and that I am so far past these events that publishing them would be a good thing to do.

Just to explain my work process: I never finish something in one sitting. This adds dimension to the work. So, these are almost all unfinished, and not knowing now, how I felt then, I can not and will not complete them. Enjoy.


lie to me
like you've done before
put on that play that you do so well
where you put me on strings and i dance around
make me love you by playing the victim
and i'll believe you like i haven't read the script before
we'll retrace our steps in conversation
sidestepping the circle where you hide your thoughts

a moment of silence for this broken heart
the recovering victim of a break-and-run

crying in my wave-torn sandcastle

it's overcast again
i call to you friend
but you won't be there from the start

hang over my head
recall what you said
about us and being apart

when i fall to the waves
get lost in those caves
i hope that you're alarmed

follow me in
the water seeps in
and i'll just forget you're unwarned

let me go away and cry
inside those walls we pushed together
molded with our hands and lies
and let the water tear them down

fall away from me

when this baby hits 88 miles per hour

a trail of broken hearts mar the tires on your car
the glass is half full as far as you're concerned
i had a place in the front seat but the getaway was short
you made a great escape but where did you put all the dirt

go ahead and drive, ride without seatbelts
speed down the highway, forget that tears don't melt
because when this baby hits 88 miles per hour...
...we aren't going to see anything at all...
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