inject_fuel (inject_fuel) wrote,

Because Danielle and I have NOTHING better to do...

girl Friday 287: i like that album! (<--the Britney Spears one)
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck your liking of things.
girl Friday 287: ahhh go fuck yourself, i don't care. i still like that album
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck that album.
girl Friday 287: and i don't fucking care what you think!
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck what you think about what i think.
girl Friday 287: fuck what you think i think about what you think
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck what you think i think about what you think i think.
girl Friday 287: fuck what you think what i think what you think about what i think about what you think
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck this conversaion.
girl Friday 287: sounds good
theSOXrYOURpapi: ew, you'd fuck a conversation?
girl Friday 287: no, but at least it's not still going on
girl Friday 287: would YOU fuck a conversation?
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck this conversation not going on.
girl Friday 287: you would fuck a conversation...
girl Friday 287: you dirty bastard
theSOXrYOURpapi: hey, it's nothing mike wouldn't do. deal.
girl Friday 287: ahh leave mike out of this. this is between YOU and ME
theSOXrYOURpapi: fine, then we'll fuck the conversation together!
girl Friday 287: i thought we agreed not to!
theSOXrYOURpapi: isn't that the same as agreeing to?!
girl Friday 287: i'm confused.
theSOXrYOURpapi: so am i.
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck your confusion!
girl Friday 287: fuck YOUR confusion!
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck YOUR saying my confusion is fuckworthy!
girl Friday 287: fuck your saying fuck my confusion!
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck your saying me saying fuck your confusion because my confusion is more fuckable than your fucking fuckable confusion!
theSOXrYOURpapi: fuck!
girl Friday 287: FUCK YOU!
girl Friday 287: i think we reached an agreement
theSOXrYOURpapi: amen. good talk, see you out there.

/edit (later we tried reviving it...):
girl Friday 287: FUCK YOU!!!!
theSOXrYOURpapi: naw, i'm really done now.

girl Friday 287: you should put that one bit [speaking about the second bit] before it though
girl Friday 287: 'cause otherwise it's like huh?
theSOXrYOURpapi: no, that's stupid.
girl Friday 287: YOU'RE stupid
girl Friday 287: YOU'RE STUPIDER!
theSOXrYOURpapi: lose...see: YOU'RE STUPIDEST! there's nothing after stupidest. stupidest is the end of it. you are finished.
girl Friday 287: ..i hate you
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