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.lil mama show me how you move it.

Indeed, 2005 is the same two-step with a little twist.

I was meant to post a New Year's entry on New Years Day in a new journal, but due to circumstances outside my control (i.e. Livejournal sucking ass), an old-school-journal post instead. Thanks to the slore, I should have a new layout for my new journal by the weekend and I'll start posting. Until then: what has happened since.

New Year's Eve was a cacophony of disaster in planning, but turned out to be possibly the best night of vacation. Went bowling with Em, M!ke, Sean, Ryan, Jordine (that's a clever mix of their names, similar to pop culture's beloved "Bennifer"), Daniele. It was a really fun time and then we came back to my house for hanging out.

Saturday I slept and slouched around all day and then went to work. Visited Em afterwards and watched Meet the Parents, because it is awesome.

Sunday I went to work and met up with Kat at Pearl's.

Yeeesterday I helped my mom at her school, setting up the classroom, watched Garden State again, took a walk with Em and hung out for the evening.

Today, Em woke me up early (9:30 :-P) and we hung around the house. Saw Phantom of the Opera which was pretty fun. Had some grilled cheese and soup and a lazy afternoon on the couch watching Seinfeld.

Good end to a nice school.
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