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.getting away with murder.

Christmas is the great season. The season for family. The season for God. The season for tons of presents. Of course the number one present is everyone being safe, at least through the holiday, and here for Christmas. I missed my Grandma Betty and I hope she's okay down in San Diego, but I'm glad the family was at our house this year.

While family and Jesus are the "reasons for the season," let's face it: this love needs material backing! :) Even though I was a teeny bit mad at my parents for spending so much this year, here's the good list:

Special Edition U2 20GB iPod
All 3 Seasons of Seinfeld
$100 in American Express Gift Cards
$275 in cash ($255 after Shaun of the Dead)
$10 at Pearl's
$10 at Starbucks (
$10 at Barnes and Noble
$20 at American Eagle
$15 at iPod Music Store
$10 at the theatre
Hot Fuss <> The Killers
Matchbox Christmas Scene (ask for details)
"Well Duh!" Day-by-day Calendar (because it's not Xmas without my calendar)
Coffee (Vanilla and Colombian)
A shirt from Eddie Bauer
Sweatshirt from Old Navy
Book from Godparents
Dirt Devil Detailer for the Saturn (ooooooo yea.)

I think that's it?

Oi. Spoiled rottenly.
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