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...and all the cyanide you drink...

I can't seem to wake up late if my life depended on it. I promptly woke up at 7:49 (what an arbitrary time) and tried to sleep. So at 7:50 I went downstairs to face the day.

My dad needed a ride to the Harley dealer down in Redwood City, so I drove him down. He's going to get new mufflers, but first he has to choose which brand, which cut, which style, etc. etc. etc., in addition to getting a new carbeurator and intake valves. So he has some thinking to do. I got a shirt out of the whole deal (which is pretty cool looking if I may say so myself) and drove the Vette back while blasting Muse's Absolution. Pretty nice way to start the day.

Watched a little of Mystic River and moped around the house, enjoying the irony that I have no homework, yet I also have nothing to do...

Decided to go to Ryan's basketball game, so M!ke and I grabbed some Subs and picked up the last half. It got close at the end, but man those St. Brendan's kids are tall. I coaxed my Grandmother to say what she thought of Paris Hilton again ("She's a slut!), but since M!ke and I started laughing outrageously, she won't ever say it again. It provides entertainment to the distressed and bored, trust me.

Got home and checked the mail. Got into Boston College. Awesome, awesome. I am much less stressed now.

Played some Halo with M!ke. Took a nap (not with M!ke).

Came to work. I am here now. It is time to check the dishwasher. Adieu
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